Black is Black - Tracy Muirhead

South African born, Melbourne based ceramic artist Tracy Muirhead works predominantly with hand-building processes.

When: Tue, 19 Feb – Wed, 8 May 2019
Where: Shepparton Art Museum, 70 Welsford Street, Shepparton

Her practice is informed by the intuitive nature of clay where stretched, torn, squished and pierced pieces are a result of a playful process of discovery and experimentation.

Sourcing black clay from the UK, white stoneware clay from Australia and terracotta from Africa, her work is influenced by the diverse global history of ceramics.  This body of work Black is Black explores Tracy Muirhead’s fascination with black.  Her experiments with white clay stoneware are transformed into bold, strong and powerful pieces through black glazes, gloss finishes, and exhibited alongside more raw pieces made from black clay.

“I resonate strongly with black.  I’m drawn to it over any colour – whether it is in clothing, furniture, art. I find black comforting and familiar.”

Tracy completed her Diploma of Arts (Ceramics) from Box Hill Tafe in 2010. She has exhibited across Australia and her work can be found in numerous private collections. She maintains a strong studio practice from her home in Donvale Victoria.

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