Drawing Wall #29: Jon Campbell

28 Oct 2017 - 31 Jan 2018

Jon Campbell uses images and words to capture aspects of his culture that are both lived and observed, that are local, national and international and that can be spoken, written, sung, and read.

Campbell’s masterfully realised paintings, cut-outs, banners, neon’s, flags and songs demonstrate his love of suburbia and it’s vernacular. Popular music and its attendant culture, printing, design and advertising, sport and youth culture also feature heavily in his practice. His works define not only the look of the world in which Campbell lives, but the accent and humour of it’s language and how signs can articulate it’s culture and history. His signs have a beauty and celebration about them that encourages belief.


IMAGE: Jon Campbell, 'On for Young & Old', 2016. Enamel paint, cotton duck, 160x160cm. Campbell is represented by Darren Knight, Sydney.