Showcase #10 with Vanessa Lucas

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Showcase #10 Vanessa Lucas Saturday 30 April to Sunday 24 July

SAM has hit a milestone with the 10th Showcase exhibition now showing in the entry of SAM. Showcase #10 features the work of Melbourne based ceramicist and designer Vanessa Lucas.

Vanessa’s range of slipcast porcelain tableware and wheel thrown works are inspired by organic forms.  “To work with clay is to work in close harmony with nature”, says Ms Lucas. “The constantly changing relationship of air and water with the malleable quality of clay determines what can be achieved in the process of making. The clay itself is an ancient piece of earth that has formed over millions of years of weathering.”

Showcase #10 with Vanessa Lucas will run until 24 July and all items featured can be purchased through the SAM shop.

This year Shepparton Art Museum Showcase exhibitions will be curated in partnership with Bree Claffey of Melbourne based gallery and retailer Mr Kitly.

2016 SAM Showcase 2016:

Showcase #10 Vanessa Lucas Saturday 30 April to Sunday 24 July
Showcase #11 Bridget Bodenham Saturday 30 July to Sunday 30 October
Showcase #12 Andrei Davidoff Saturday 5 November to Sunday 29 January, 2017