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Saturday 27 November 2010 - Sunday 6 February 2011


Structurally, and scientifically, there is no edge to the Universe. This exhibition explores the ‘edges' - the space separating objects and time - through artworks within and outside of the gallery collection. By linking art of the past and the present, The Edge of the Universe analyses how the collection exists within a larger cosmos of art making. While the Shepparton Art Gallery collection began in 1936 with a £50 grant from the state government and initially featured paintings and works on paper, it wasn't until the 1970s that the focus of the collection turned to Ceramics. The Edge of the Universe will expand in January to fill the whole first floor of the gallery.


Artists include Mike Brown, Stephen Benwell, Damiano Bertoli, Paul Boston, Stephen Bush, Aleks Danko, Dale Frank, Matthew Griffin, Nora Gurdon, Ronnie van Hout, Brendan Huntley, Susan Jacobs, Jess Johnson, Justine Khamara, Col Levy, Max Meldrum, John Perceval, Jeff Schmuki, Renee So, Arthur Streeton, Ricky Swallow, Darren Sylvester, Masato Takasaka, Danila Vassilieff, Angela Valamanesh, among others.

Curated by Danny Lacy.

Sidney Myer Fund ACA Australian Artist Commission: STEPHEN BENWELL
Saturday 27 November 2010 - Sunday 6 February 2011

Inspired by his numerous travels through Greece, celebrated Australian artist Stephen Benwell has completed a series of encased collections of objects, which take their form from trophies, urns, statues, shards and implements. The boxed collections make reference to Museum displays, the idea of a cased narrative of art history, and the at times comedic and haphazard spectacle of its presentation.

Sidney Myer Fund ACA International Artist Commission: ANNE WENZEL
Saturday 27 November 2010 - Sunday 6 February 2011

Anne Wenzel's new installation is a dark landscape characterised by a sense of baroque romanticism, and black appetite for catastrophized environments.  Wenzel has studied the effect of natural disasters upon various landscapes and also their represented imagery in the media. Inspired by this, the work highlights a certain beauty in the morbidity of what is an imagined natural world in ruin.

Sidney Myer Fund ACA Emerging Artist Commission: PAUL WOOD
Saturday 27 November 2010 - Sunday 6 February 2011

Paul Wood's commission for the 2010 Sidney Myer ACA is constructed from functional mass-produced porcelaneous domestic wares, from the fecundity of old sinks and toilet bowls to the discarded crockery of a long passed domestic life. Wood has reconfigured these objects that he has collected in opportunity shops, stacked them and melded them using multiple high temperature firings.

Saturday 20 November 2010 - Sunday 9 January 2011

Every year the talents of the Friends of the Gallery are celebrated with a special group exhibition comprising painting, works on paper and sculpture. The exhibition will be held in the upstairs gallery.

Monday 15 November 2010 - Friday 26 November 2010

Friends exhibition opens Saturday 20th November

The Shepparton Art Gallery will be closed from Monday 15th to Friday 26th of November in preparation for the 2010 Sidney Myer Fund Australian Ceramic Award and the exhibition, Edge of the Universe.

The Friends of the Shepparton Art Gallery Society Inc. annual exhibition will open on Saturday 20th November in the upstairs gallery. Also viewable through the closure period will be the third Drawing wall installation by Ry Haskings,  the collection display through the foyer of the Eastbank building and images of the early Shepparton from the book 'Water the Vital Element, 150 years of Shepparton's Growth'.




Wednesday 13 October 2010 - Sunday 20 March 2011

Shepparton Art Gallery Commission

Shepparton Art Gallery presents the third artwork commission for The Drawing Wall, to be undertaken by Melbourne based artist, Ry Haskings. Located in the main foyer of the Eastbank Centre directly outside the entrance to the gallery, The Drawing Wall will distort with a three part symphony of painted colour and form. Angular geometric shapes, a gridded structure of coloured panels and a large diagonal streak of parallel lines will brightly fill the foyer wall.

Saturday 9 October 2010 - Sunday 7 November 2010

NETS Victoria Touring Exhibition

Simryn Gill: Inland is the most significant survey of Simryn Gill's photographic work ever presented, and broadly draws upon works created over the past two decades.

Simryn Gill's artistic practice considers how photography might function more broadly as a way of engaging with the world.
Developed by the Centre for Contemporary Photography (ccp) and presented in association with the Melbourne International Arts Festival, Simryn Gill: Inland has been curated by ccp Director Naomi Cass.

Saturday 2 October 2010 - Sunday 14 November 2010

Shepparton Art Gallery Local Artists

Void celebrates a return to the hand-made object. A collaboration of creative minds and a culmination of many hours and many hands, these works convey a strong statement in opposition to our materialistic culture and rampant consumerism. Using a wide variety of materials, splinter artists construct an intricate wall surrounding a central emptiness, the void.

Saturday 2 October 2010 - Sunday 14 November 2010

Shepparton Art Gallery Local Artist

Instinct and Inclination presents a surreal imagined forest environment that confronts the viewer with unexpected material forms. This mixed-media installation depicts a natural world obscured by strange misplaced dreams. It is a troubling garden of static, undying flowers, inhabited by soft, unmoving creatures.
Roger's work questions whether we are becoming increasingly more comfortable with constructed re-presentations of nature, in preference to a direct experience with the natural environment.
Artist floor talk

Friends Morning Coffee
Wednesday 6 October, 10.00am.

Wednesday 25 August 2010 - Sunday 14 November 2010

Shepparton Art Gallery Collection

Irishman Sherbourne Sheppard (b.1819) took up the vast ‘Tallygaroopna Run' in 1843. Several years later he returned to England, leaving debts with his agents who disposed of stock and property to meet his commitments.
On return Sheppard was advised that he was entitled to repossess his land, by force if necessary, leading to what is known as `The Siege of Tallygaroopna'. This siege, the impact of Sheppard's wife Sofia and their 15 children, led to the changing of the township's name from McGuire's Punt to Sheppard's Town. This exhibition draws from artwork held in the Gallery's collection, telling stories associated with the township's early history. Curated by Kirsten Paisley.

Saturday 21 August 2010 - Thursday 23 September 2010

Shepparton Art Gallery Exhibition

Home Altared is a playful although at times sinister installation which reminds us how the objects we collect and grow up with in the home, influence our sense of ourselves and the world. Australian artist Lynda Draper rescued a number of decorative ornaments from her 1950's child hood home in Cronella nsw prior to it being demolished
Draper has reappropriated these kitsch everyday domestic ornaments into new artworks which evoke feelings of nostalgia and also the uncanny. Similar objects within the Shepparton Art Gallery's collection will be included in the partnering exhibition Animal Island. Thanks to Gallerysmith and PLANEX. Curated by Kirsten Paisley.

Saturday 21 August 2010 - Sunday 3 October 2010

Shepparton Art Gallery Collection

When the doors of the Gallery are locked each night, and the last lights are switched off, Animal Island comes to life! This is an exhibition curated specially for children and bound to delight. It presents a large installation of over 50 animal sculptures drawn from the gallery's impressive holdings of decorative figurines. This exhibition is bursting with colour and kitsch; a menagerie of animals at play. Visitors to the gallery are invited to make their own interpretation of animals at play during the school holiday period.

Saturday 14 August 2010 - Sunday 26 September 2010

Shepparton Art Gallery Exhibition

Featuring a series of portraits from the collection, a reading room containing the gallery's library of art books and journals, and a selection of artworks to compliment the act of reading, Public Lounge will become a place of looking, reading and relaxing. Combining works from the Shepparton Art Gallery collection with selected loans, Public Lounge invites visitors to take the time and explore the many fascinating books from within our library.
Artists include Noel Counihan, Ivan Durrant, Anne Graham, Matt Hinkley, John Longstaff, Bea Maddock, Tom Nicholson, Hugh Ramsay and Kylie Stillman, among others. Curated by Danny Lacy.

Wednesday 11 August 2010 - Sunday 10 October 2010

Shepparton Art Gallery Foyer Exhibition

Presenting 30 historic photographs of early Shepparton and district featured in the book Water the Vital Element: 150 years of Shepparton's Growth.

Sheppard’s Town Exhibition Opening and Book Launch
Tuesday 28 September, 6.00pm
Joint exhibition opening and publication launch for Water the Vital Element: 150 years of Shepparton’s Growth.

Sunday 1 August 2010 - Sunday 31 October 2010

Shepparton Art Gallery Commission

Shepparton Art Gallery presents the second artwork commission for The Drawing Wall.
Undertaken by Sydney-based artist Anna Kristensen, The Drawing Wall features a wall painting of an oriental carpet. Its formation alludes to the architecture of an ancient step pyramid, and to carpeted steps as seen in historical European painting bearing nobility, royalty or religious figures.
A limited edition poster for The Drawing Wall is available from the Gallery Shop for a gold coin donation

Thursday 1 July 2010 - Sunday 15 August 2010

Shepparton Art Gallery Exhibition

Recent Acquisitions features the work of three important contemporary artists recently brought into the Shepparton Art Gallery collection.
Artists: Dale Frank, Brendan Huntly, Sally Smart, Julie Bartholomew, Penny Byrne and Renee So.

Floor Talk, Friends Coffee Morning

Wednesday 7 July, 10am
Kirsten Paisley, Director

The Weaving Room
Monday 7 June 2010 - Sunday 27 June 2010

Shepparton Art Gallery Artist in Residency

Artist in Residence Patricia Harrison will lead a group of Indigenous fibre weavers in a collaborative exploration of weaving across the gallery walls. The wall will become like an open sketchbook; a fibre installation weaving its way across the walls to become an exhibition of process and outcome.
Traditional and other materials will be woven together to create a contemporary response to ancestral and cultural traditions-metaphorically weaving across the physical and psychological space or terrain.

A conversation with the artist: Patricia Harrison
Thursday 17 June, 2 to 3pm
Are you curious about traditional Indigenous basket weaving techniques and materials? Artist in residence, Patricia Harrison will talk about her own practice, in context of the current project, the significance of weaving within her wider community and for herself.

Cross Cultural workshop
Friday 18 June, 1.30 to 4pm
$15 per person, $12 Friends
This workshop is an opportunity to work alongside the Weaving Across Walls Group. Learn about local materials and traditional weaving methods and cultural connections to country though this age old form of craft.

DECADE: SMFICA 10 year review
Saturday 5 June 2010 - Sunday 1 August 2010

Shepparton Art Gallery Exhibition

Decade traces a pathway through the past 10 years of the Sidney Myer Fund International Ceramics Award (smfica), highlighting works held within the Shepparton Art Gallery Collection.

Modern Women
Saturday 1 May 2010 - Sunday 18 July 2010

A Shepparton Art Gallery Exhibition

This exhibition presents a selection of paintings, linocuts and ceramics from the Shepparton Art Gallery permanent collection that give an overview of the exciting developments made by Australian modernist women artists
in the first half of the 20th Century. Modern Women depicts the blossoming dynamism of modern life through images of still life, the landscape, representations of women and the rise of the modern city. Artists include: Clarice Beckett, Dorrit Black, Sybil Craig, Marguerite Mahood, Margaret Preston, Thea Proctor, Gladys Reynell and Grace Cossington Smith.

Floor Talk, Friends Coffee Morning

Wednesday 7 June, 10am
Danny Lacy, Curator

The Drawing Wall: Renee Cosgrave
Friday 16 April 2010 - Sunday 18 July 2010

A Shepparton Art Gallery Commission

Shepparton Art Gallery presents a new special project, The Drawing Wall. Located in the main foyer of the Eastbank Centre directly outside the entrance to the gallery, The Drawing Wall will change quarterly with the seasons, brightening up the foyer space with eye catching artworks.
The inaugural Shepparton Art Gallery Drawing Wall commission is by emerging Melbourne based artist, Renee Cosgrave, whose vibrant pop pattern radiates across the foyer wall with an explosion of colour and excitement.

A limited edition A2 poster for The Drawing Wall project is available from the Gallery Shop for gold coin donation.

On The Wall
Wednesday 19 May
Get involved with our temporary On The Wall art project for school groups. After viewing Renee Cosgrave's Drawing Wall exhibit, students will work together with Renee to make their own colourful, patterned designs on the wall. Suitable for kindergarten, primary and secondary students.
For all bookings and enquiries contact education staff on 5832 9520.

Friday 16 April 2010 - Sunday 30 May 2010

An Australian Centre for Contemporary Art Exhibition

ART1 will showcase four new installation works adapted for Shepparton Art Gallery from the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA). Commenting on the design and usage of public space and the dynamics of architectural and technological  objects, the artists draw upon the everyday to provide an inviting look into their constructed space. Artists include; Nick Devlin, Pat Foster and Jen Berean, Justine Khamara’s, and Nathan Gray.

ART#1 Artist Floor Talks
Pat Foster, Jen Berean and Justine Khamara from the ART#1 exhibition.
Saturday 1 May, 1 to 3pm
RSVP required. Free event.

Exhibition Floor Talk & Friends Coffee Morning
Wednesday 5 May, 10am
Charlotte Day, Associate Curator, ACCA.

ART#1 Bus Tour
Shepparton Art Gallery–Benalla Art Gallery–Wangaratta exhibitions Gallery
Friday 14 May, 10am
See public programs for full details.

Carmen Chan: Do you see what I hear?
Monday 15 March 2010 - Friday 9 April 2010

FREE PERFORMANCE Sunday 28th March 2pm to 3pm

Local musician, score-maker and composer Carmen Chan questions the definition of a musical activity and explores the often uneasy relationship between social expectations, institutionalised thought and artistic expression. This exhibition presents a collection of Carmen's graphic musical scores, together with their respective musical interpretations. During this three week residency Carmen is delivering a composition wokrshop for VCE Music students and a School Holiday Program. See public program for content.

Carmen Chan and Simon Charles will be composing new pictorial music scores in the gallery. Come in and see these exemplary musicians at work from Thurs 25th to Sat 27th March 10.00am to 4.00pm and Sun 28th March 10.00am to 1.00pm.

Embodied Landscape: Rosa Purbrick and Jen Davies
Saturday 27 February 2010 - Sunday 11 April 2010

In this exhibition two of the regions artists come together to explore their personal perceptions of the natural world. Through her intense and intimate observation of organic structures and the landscape around her, Rosa Purbrick's work explores the acts of deterioration and renewal that is the continuum of life. Jen Davies work focuses on the extreme environmental changes within the landscape over time and its effects on the human condition. Using references to the body, her work explores our relationships to land and its ever changing landscapes.

Exhibition Floor Talk Friends Coffee Morning

Rosa Purbrick and Jen Davies Wednesday 7 April 10.00am

Deep Earth: Avital Sheffer
Saturday 23 January 2010 - Sunday 14 March 2010

This exhibition introduces a new body of work by ceramic artist Avital Sheffer. Sheffer's work investigates themes of mythology, religion and language and is informed by her Middle-Eastern and Jewish heritage. While reflecting upon ancient civilizations, the idiosyncratic forms and refined surfaces of the vessels ground them firmly in the contemporary. Sheffer's forms are contained and voluptuous, architectural and anthropomorphic, layered with details and levels of meaning. Combining hand-forming techniques with a unique printing practice, Sheffer has created a coherent family of vessels narrating a story of community and of solitude.

Artist Floor Talk, Exhibition opening
Avital Sheffer
Wednesday 3 February 2010, 10.00am

Tracey Moffatt: Narratives A Monash Gallery of Art Touring Exhibition
Saturday 16 January 2010 - Sunday 21 February 2010

MGA’s exhibition Tracey Moffatt: narratives provides a coherent and visually striking sense of the work of one of Australia’s most important contemporary artists.

Image Credit: Tracey Moffatt Invocations # 5 (detail), 2000
Invocations, a series of 13 images, photo silkscreen
courtesy of the artist and Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney

The Journey Within: Interiority in Australian Art
Saturday 2 January 2010 - Sunday 28 March 2010

Many Australian artists have explored the notion of the human condition. This exhibition draws artworks from the Shepparton Art Gallery permanent collection that were produced in the period of rapid cultural and social change which followed two World Wars.

The exhibition touches on themes of interiority as it manifests through identity, introspection, and cultural displacement.

It examines the role of spiritualism and the concept of ‘home' as a strategy for overcoming the trauma of cultural displacement and dispossession.

Artists include Valerie Albiston, Yosl Bergner, Dorrit Black, Arthur Boyd, Noel Counihan, Jock Clutterbuck, Ludwig Hirschfeld Mack, Shaike Snir, David Rankin, Eric Thake and Tony Tuckson.

Among Friends – Christmas Exhibition 2009
Wednesday 9 December 2009 - Sunday 31 January 2010

The Friends of the Shepparton Art Gallery Society Inc. annual Christmas exhibition.

Creative Australia and the Ballet Russes The Arts Centre Touring Exhibition
Saturday 21 November 2009 - Sunday 10 January 2010

Creative Australia and the Ballets Russes explores the profound cultural effect that the Ballets Russes tours had upon modern Australian dance, design and visual arts from the 1930s to the present day through three intertwined themes.

Astonish Me! examines the creative impact that the Ballets Russes companies had at the time on contemporary Australian visual artists, designers and photographers.

The Legacy shows the ways in which the Ballets Russes' repertoire has been embraced, interpreted, and reinterpreted by Australia's leading dance practitioners since the 1940s.

In the Wings presents the work of contemporary visual artists Wendy Sharpe, Tania Mason and Natalya Hughes who have created new works in response to The Australian Ballet's 2009 Ballets Russes season.

Leon Krasenstein
Costume design for the title role of Firebird, The Australian Ballet, 2009
Gift of The Australian Ballet, 2009
The Arts Centre, Performing Arts Collection

Floor talk for the Friends Coffee Morning
Steve Tonkin, Exhibition Curator
Wednesday 2 December 2009, 10.00am