Sidney Myer Fund International Ceramic Award 2006

Read about the winners and the judge's comments from the 2006 Award.

Premier Award

Ana Rosenzweig
Portrait, 2006

The 2006 Premier Award was awarded to Ana Rosenzweig (Spain),Portrait.


When confronted with a fellow human being, we all react by establishing a spontaneous relationship of sorts that has to do with body language as an answer to the message read in the other person. I try to create images that will look like real people and invite such a dialogue.  I usually work without a model, reassembling on a specific bone structure those particular traits that seem appealing to me, until they all fit together like a puzzle.  I finish the pieces with a rough texture, some light engobe and oxides if some emphasis is needed.

Vida Sobott
The bride stripped bare... and fled, 2006

The 2006 Friends of Shepparton Art Gallery Society Award of Merit Prize was awared to Vida Sobott (Australia), The bride stripped bare... and fled.


This work addresses the varied experiences within a woman's life; issues of identity, self fulfilment and social definitions of femininity.  The detritus of a life lived with all its attendant responsibilities, obligations, and memories accumulate like the folds of a garment.  The bride's night-dress, associated with romance and conjugal bliss, is now cluttered with the accumulations of family life, and the inevitable compromises of commitment.  It has become a talisman of reflection, a mirror of identity, an echo of unrealised desires and missed opportunities, a prompt to recall long suppressed ambitions, and a reminder that longing does not diminish with time.

La Trobe University Award of Merit

Tina Vlassopulos
Spiral, 2006

The 2006 La Trobe University Award of Merit was awarded to Tina Vlassopulos (United Kingdom), Spiral.

Poyntzpass Pioneer Award of Merit

Hideaki Suzuki
Black Dimension, 2006

The 2006 Poyntzpass Pioneer Award of Merit was awarded to Hideaki Suzuki (Japan), Black Dimension.


Nature shows me the most amazing varieties of shapes, patterns, rhythms and structures.  When I look at the process of forming a beehive, stalactite or the annual ring of a tree, I notice the connection between the natural process and the method of coil-building.  Through coil-building, I make works which focus attention on structure, pattern, texture and construction techniques.  These same characteristics can be found in nature and I believe are the source of authenticity, spirituality and mystery.  I do not copy nature directly but rather, I observe the structure, texture, rhythm and colours generated by necessity and apply these principles to my work.

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