Angie Russi Spotted Teapot

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Angie Russi Spotted Teapot with Feather detail

Hand crafted on the wheel from stoneware clay and fired to 1280 C degrees. Inspired by keeping Guinea Fowl this collectors teapot also echoes ancient ceramic ware that honoured the creatures. The form features cotton wrapped handle with Guinea Fowl feather. The internal teapot is fully glazed with a satin glaze and the external walls have a matt engobe finish with white porcelain dots applied by hand.


Angie Russi: Ceramicist

“All my works are lovingly hand made and painted. My inspiration comes from my environment and I have a particular love for birds. All pieces are created using high fired stoneware or porcelain clay and I aim to share a delight in the colors, shapes, patterns and character of the natural world and the creatures with whom we share it.

I also make a range of bespoke domestic ware from porcelain and high fired stoneware clay.”

Please Note: Each piece is crafted by hand and as such, subtle variations exist in form and glaze between each work.

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