Ayesha Aggarwal Bottlebrush Vase


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Lustre Vase with Bottlebrush Design

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This plant inspired vase is handmade using coils of South Australian terracotta. It has been painted with coloured slip, carved and then fired to high temperatures. It is glazed on the inside.

The gold leaves have been painted onto the glazed vase and the vessel has been fired for the third time to make the lustre shine.

This is a listing for ONE lustre vase.

Measures approximately 10 cm wide, 22 cm tall.

Please note: This piece is entirely handmade and as is the case with anything made by a person and not a machine, it may have slight imperfections and irregularities. It may not be perfectly round or symmetrical but it has been made with a lot of love. To make sure it stands the test of time, treat it with care.


All pieces are signed by Ayesha Aggarwal


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Dimensions11 × 11 × 22 cm