ICA 2022 Application Process

Application Process

Please complete the online application form or mail in a hardcopy application form, which you can download below, by the closing date.

  • Applicant’s contact details
  • Artwork details: title, year completed, medium, dimensions (cm)
  • A short statement on the submitted artwork (300 words max)
  • A short CV no longer than one page (for each artist if more than one maker), uploaded as a PDF
  • Artwork image upload for online applications: up to three images in .jpg format (max 1MB each). One image must show the artwork in its entirety
  • Artwork image for hardcopy applications: up to three high-quality printed images of the work or high-quality electronic images of the work on a USB. One image must show the artwork in its entirety
  • A maximum of 3 entries per individual artist or artist collective is allowed
  • A body of work can be made up of no more than 5 individual ceramics pieces