James Geurts

Trajectories: Orbiting Bodies Meet, 2021

20 November 2021 - 13 November 2022

James Geurts’ Trajectories: Orbiting Bodies Meet is a new site-specific neon installation, commissioned for display on SAM’s 4th Floor Terrace. Regularly intervening in or responding to the ecological and cultural specifics of place; here Geurts draws on the museum’s close geographical proximity to the landing site of the Murchison meteorite. The abstracted sculptural form suggests the intense light generated by the directional force of a meteorite entering earth’s atmosphere, and the moment of impact with the earth’s skin.

Trajectories: Orbiting Bodies Meet traverses the primordial to the technological, reflecting Geurts’ ongoing interest of the ways natural and man-made forces intersect to shape not only the landscape but perception itself. Identified as one of the most primitive and profound astronomical bodies, the Murchison meteorite has been the subject of intense study as the complex organic compounds found within it are thought to contain the building blocks of life.

Positioned on SAM’s Terrace, looking out across the big skies above Victoria Lake and Kaiela (Goulburn River),Trajectories: Orbiting Bodies Meet invites us to contemplate our situatedness within our specific environment. While we ponder the wonders and mysteries of organic life, Geurts also prompts us to consider humanity’s seemingly ceaseless drive to contain, decipher and exploit these forces.

The development of this project was supported through ANAT Synapse program and CSIRO Advanced Manufacturing, in collaboration with CSIRO scientists Dr Richard Evans and Dr Helmut Thissen working directly with the Murchison site and primordial material developed in the lab.

neon, Jelutong timber, paint




Location: Terrace, Level 4


Image: James Geurts, Trajectories: Orbiting Bodies Meet, 2021, ©️the artist. Photo: Christian Capurro