SAM Talks

SAM Talks is a podcast series presented by our exhibition and engagement staff, exploring contemporary topics and issues that connect us across Australia. You can follow the monthly addition to this series from this page, or through your regular streaming platform just by searching Shepparton Art Museum.

sam. talks: Art and Design

With artist Irene Grishin Selzer and Irina Rybakov of Pepite Shop, and SAM Curator Lara Merrington

How has the need for art resulted in a design focus in our living rooms during the physical closures of our art museums and galleries? Many art enthusiasts have turned their focus towards their own places of creativity during these times of isolation. In this SAM Talks: Art and Design podcast, join artist Irene and curator Irina as they discuss the role art, design and online platforms play in creating your own art experiences at home. 

sam. talks: Industry Insights 

With Pink Ember Studio Founders Aaron and Aoife Billings, and SAM Public Programs Co-ordinator Lisa Linton

How do you make your artwork stand out? What do you need to do to flourish in a highly competitive arts and cultural space that is now largely online? In this SAM Talks: Industry Insights podcast, discover how Aaron and Aoife co-founded a queer-run artist co-op, Pink Ember Studios, and how they continue their practice in a COVID- socially distanced world.  

Aoife and Aaron billings of Pink Ember Studio

sam. talks: Sound Seen Podcast

Over the month of October, sound makers of all persuasions responded to visual scores created by artist Sarah CrowEST. Learn more about the online project and listen to the responses from participants in this month’s SAM Talks: Sound Seen podcast. ⁠

Image: Sarah crowEST, Sound Seen Score #1, 2020.