For Students, Teachers and Schools

SAM offers workshops, tours and educational resources for students, teachers and educators at all levels of learning.

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We are currently taking school bookings for Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in the school term.

For large groups of 15 students + bookings can only be made on Mondays and Fridays.

Please complete the online booking form to submit your request and our Education Coordinator will respond to your request as soon as possible. 

We recommend booking your visit to SAM a minimum of 2 weeks in advance of your ideal visit date.

In addition to our ongoing workshops, our SAM can develop a tour or workshop to meet your specific education needs. We strongly recommend contacting our Education Coordinator through the booking form a minimum 4 weeks prior to your visit to ensure adequate time for program development.   

Tour and Workshop fees

Term 1 2023 fees: 

30 to 45min guided tour with Education Specialist:

$75 for group of 15 students - $4 per additional student

30 to 45min hands-on workshop inc. all materials:

$10 per student


SAM produces resources for in-gallery and classroom learning that target Victorian Curriculum outcomes. 

If you would like to discuss any resources available on our website, please contact our Education Coordinator to organise a phone call. 

Things to know for your visit to SAM

SAM rules for all visitors – big or small!

  • No food or drink in gallery spaces
  • No touching of any artworks
  • No running
  • Only grey lead pencils are to be used in the museum
  • Quiet voices- please be considerate of our other guests

Be mindful of other guests- do not block entrances or gallery spaces

Our educators here at SAM are experienced, enthusiastic and ready to give your students the best learning experience possible!

You can help by attending to your students’ needs during the tours. This can include:

  • Toilet breaks
  • Water breaks – no drinks in the galleries, please escort the student into the general space
  • Behaviour management
  • Invigilation - Please ensure that your students do not stand too close to any art and are mindful of their body language- look where you walk!


If you are on a self-directed tour/activity, it is up to you to ensure that the above rules are followed and that your students are occupied for the duration of the visit.

Things to know about the building: SAM is in this lovely new building that is quite tall. We have had some visitors suffering vertigo in the past.

Please ensure that all teachers and students are aware that their visit to SAM:

  • Is in a high building
  • Will involve the use of elevators/lifts

Thank you very much, enjoy your visit to SAM!

For all enquiries, please contact SAM Education Coordinator Anni-Jane Linklater at