Zoom Backgrounds

Want to change it up a bit at your next Zoom meeting? Check out these Drawing Wall Project images which you can simply download and update in your Zoom settings.

It’s also a great chance to reflect on the Drawing Wall, which over the past 10 years has almost reached 40 iterations, and layers of art.

To download an image, right-click on it (or tap and hold on mobile), and choose either “Download link”, “Save link as”, or “Save target as”, depending on your device.

Drawing Wall #12: Rhys Lee
Drawing Wall #15: Reko Rennie
Drawing Wall #35: Alex Pittendrigh
Drawing Wall #27: Bundit Puangthong
Drawing Wall #18: Lee Ward
Drawing Wall #29: Jon Campbell
Drawing Wall #4 Richard Lewer
Drawing Wall #32: Sadie Chandler
Drawing Wall #1: Renee Cosgrave