Shepparton Art Gallery’s Second Drawing Wall

Shepparton Art Gallery’s new commission of The Drawing Wall, by Anna Kristensen is currently being installed.

Located in the main foyer of the Eastbank Centre, 70 Welsford Street, Shepparton, the new artwork will finish being installed by artist Anna Kristensen today and on show for the next three months.

Anna's work is a wall painting of an oriental carpet climbing up the wall.

Shepparton Art Gallery, Curator, Danny Lacy said The Drawing Wall project features a series of wall drawings and artworks that aim to liven up the foyer space directly outside the Art Gallery.

"By constantly changing the foyer space to keep it fresh, we hope to attract more people into the Art Gallery to see other exhibitions on show."

For more information contact Council's Shepparton Art Gallery, Curator, Danny Lacy on (03) 5832 9519 or