Three new exhibitions during gallery down time

The Shepparton Art Gallery will re-open to the public from Monday 7 March until Sunday 1 May while unanticipated delays to a $1.5 million refurbishment are worked through.

The gallery closed at the start of February for a six-month refurbishment but some unanticipated issues with the tender process mean there will be a delay while the work is re-tendered.

In the meantime, the gallery will present work by Richard Lewer, Matthew Griffin and Anna Kristensen.

Melbourne-based artist Richard Lewer will present a series of work including a seven-metre long painting of his last will and testament which has been fast-tracked and will be on display from 7 March.

The gallery’s latest acquisition from Matthew Griffin, Drum Throne and Geodesic Caveman Clubs, will also be unveiled from 7 March.

Anna Kristensen’s 360 degree panoramic oil painting, Indian Chamber, will add to the exhibition space from 28 March as well as a number of pre-planned foyer exhibitions and events which were being held during the refurbishment.

Greater Shepparton City Council Chief Executive Officer Phil Pearce said the delay was unfortunate, but necessary to protect the best interests of the gallery, the tenderers and the broader community.

“We need to re-tender to ensure everyone’s interests and will do so in a way that will minimise delays to the project as much as possible and maximise use of the gallery in the meantime,” Mr Pearce said.

“We will re-open the tender process and we anticipate any delay will be no more than 10 weeks.

“In the meantime, the gallery has prepared some exciting new exhibitions to maximise the use of the gallery until work commences.”

The gallery will be open from 10.00am to 4.00pm daily from 7 March to 1 May. The gallery program is available at