Invitation to Participate Cultural Inclusion through Art

As part of the LEAD (Localities Embracing and Accepting Diversity) Program, Greater Shepparton City Council would like to invite you to be a part of an art project which aims to address the issues of race based discrimination and cultural diversity in the local area.

LEAD is a four year pilot program aimed to promote positive attitudes towards cultural diversity and decrease discriminatory attitudes and behaviours within our community. Greater Shepparton City Council was funded by Vic Health to implement LEAD due to Council's strong track record in working to support diversity and address disadvantage. LEAD works with the whole community to ensure they understand the impact of race based discrimination on people's health and wellbeing and equip them with the tools to reduce race based discrimination. LEAD is working in a number of settings within Greater Shepparton including education, employment, sport and recreation and communications and social marketing. The program is being heavily evaluated by University of Melbourne.

LEAD is now commencing work in the Arts and Culture Setting with the aim of breaking down barriers between cultures and promoting pro-diversity and anti-discriminatory behaviour through the development and creation of art and cultural activities.

We are currently seeking artists from a variety of cultural backgrounds to become involved in the project.

The project will involve each artist creating an A0 artwork which explores cultural diversity and race based discrimination. These artworks will be applied as "Road Foils" (which involve the application of graphics onto the pavement) in public areas around the municipality.

Artists will be required to:

  • Complete one A0 sized visual artwork, on paper or card by April 2013 (if interested in producing in another medium please contact Rachel).
  • Participate in an induction program on 18 January 2013, from 10.00am-3.00pm.
  • Participate in any further engagement sessions with Aboriginal and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse communities if required
  • Be involved in any media and publicity if required
  • Participate in artwork launch in July 2013 
  • Participate in evaluation surveys with University of Melbourne


Artists will be given a payment of $500, which will cover the cost of materials and an artist's fee. Payment will be paid in two rounds; $200 at the end of February and $300 at completion of artwork in April.




Greater Shepparton City Council respects the rights of all artists. The artist will retain ownership/copyright of their design but agree to allow Greater Shepparton City Council to reproduce photographically their design in whole or in part for the purpose of advertising and promotion. Permission from the artist will be sought if Council wishes to use the design for any other purposes. The artists will be acknowledged in any promotions or advertising where the design is used.

If you are interested in joining this project, please complete the attached form and return to Council by 21 December 2012.

If you have any further questions, please contact Rachel Rath on 03 5832 9466 or by email .