Find new ways to be creative with SAM these school holidays!

This Spring, Shepparton Art Museum’s school holiday program is going digital. Over the next two weeks, artists Jahnne Pasco-White and Kenny Pittock will be delivering online workshops via the SAM HUB on SAM’s website.

Drawing Wall artist Jahnne Pasco-White will be delivering a fabric staining workshop using natural found items such as plants and flowers, fruit peels and rocks, while Kenny Pittock will be delivering an equally fun workshop on how to create ceramic fruit.

“Holiday programs should be a great way to get inspired and have a bit of fun. Some of our visitors might remember Kenny Pittock’s vending machine which we installed at SAM as part of our exhibition Cornucopia,” explains SAM Director, Dr Rebecca Coates.

“The ceramic hand-painted contents, including chocolate bars and humorous titled brands, were so realistic that many of our visitors asked us why we had installed a vending machine selling chocolate bars in the gallery,” says Dr Coates.

“Have a bit of fun these holidays with a new take on what makes Shepparton’s orchard economy unique.”

School holiday material packs can be purchased from the SAM website for just $10. The packs include a small bag of clay, green or yellow underglaze (clay paint), tote bag or hand puppet and SAM pencils.

The SAM hub can be accessed via the website,

Tag #SAMHUB in your creations.