Deep Dive: A new lecture series with The University of Melbourne launches at SAM

Dive deep at the Shepparton Art Museum: A new lecture series with The University of Melbourne.

The Shepparton Art Museum is pleased to present a new lecture series, SAM Deep Dives with The University of Melbourne to be hosted at SAM in September, October and November 2023.

Focusing on the themes and ideas explored in SAM’s Collection exhibition Dance Me to the End of Love, which showcases the much-loved Sam Jinks’ Woman and Child, SAM Deep Dives 2023, will investigate death, technology and the art of poetry.

Gabriella Calandro, Head of Engagement says:

“This new lecture series is an opportunity for guests to see the exhibition through a different lens and dive deep into the themes and ideas presented in the show. We hope guests will walk away with a new perspective on the exhibition and maybe a few interesting facts to start a conversation with friends and family.

The Shepparton Art Museum and The University of Melbourne have a dynamic and long lasting partnership and we are excited to be able to work across different departments at the University and host a range of academics here at SAM over the next three months.”

Starting on Wednesday 27 September, the DeathTech Research Team will look at the intersection between death and science and how artists have brought research and complex theories to life. In October Dr Tyne Sumner will dig into the SAM Collection alongside the lyrics and poetry of Leonard Cohen and other singer-songwriters. The series will conclude in November with Dr Danny Butt focusing on the much-loved Sam Jinks’ Woman and Child and explore why this work continues to move visitors time and time again.

All lectures are free and will be hosted both in person at the Shepparton Art Museum and online. Sign up at the SAM website to secure your seat and receive the link.

SAM Deep Dives with The University of Melbourne:

Wednesday 27 September
6 to 7pm
DeathTech: Michael Arnold and Tamarah Kohn

Saturday 21 October
2 to 3pm
Dr Tyne Sumner

Thursday 9 November
6 to 7pm
Dr Danny Butt


Featured image: Penny Byrne, The Four Horsemen of the 21st Century Apocalypse, 2009. Shepparton Art Museum. Photo: Leon Schoots.