New Art Wall commission opens at SAM

Shepparton Art Museum to launch a bold and colourful new Art Wall for all to enjoy on 19 August.

Shepparton Art Museum (SAM) is pleased to present its latest Art Wall this August 2023. The new work by Victorian-based artist Emma Coulter, titled spatial deconstruction #30 (social fabric), will be a colourful response to the state-of the-art SAM building. The installation will be the fourth commission for the Furphy Family Art Wall on SAM’s Level 4.

Emma Coulter is a visual artist working across painting, sculpture, installation, and public art. Her work spans bold compositions that explore space, perception and colour. A distinguishing feature of her work is her limited colour palette and geometric designs. Through her repeated use of these same formal elements, Coulter creates a visual language that connects her practice across diverse mediums.

spatial deconstruction #30 (social fabric) breaks down the building’s architectural features and reinterprets them through Coulter’s artistic lens using vibrant colours and sharp forms, creating a composition that is both uniquely Coulter’s, and a distinct reflection on the vertical geometry of SAM.

Jessica O’Farrell, SAM Exhibitions Curator, says of the exhibitions:

“Emma Coulter has engaged with the scale and architecture of SAM to create a dynamic new work that reframes our understanding of the building, and the space within it. Her work draws on the idea of SAM being both an ‘art container’ as well as a communal space for gathering and connecting. Emma’s ingenuity in repeatedly using her unique palette of colours to create endless new compositions is fascinating and exciting.

Emma has exhibited extensively nationally and internationally – we’re thrilled to host her in Shepparton while she creates this new artwork that responds to the fabric of SAM. Her work is deliciously bold and colourful, and we hope that visitors to our Level 4 enjoy her Art Wall in the coming months.”

spatial deconstruction #30 (social fabric) will be on display at SAM from 19 August 2023 until May 2024. Entry to SAM is free – view the full list of exhibitions on our website:

Featured image: Artist Emma Coulter with Art Wall commission spatial deconstruction #30 (social fabric), Shepparton Art Museum, 2023.