Through making a bequest, whether large or small, you can make a significant and lasting contribution that will strengthen and further develop Shepparton Art Museum’s collection, programs and activities for all to enjoy now and into the future.

SAM has a long history of visionary generosity and lasting contributions by a great many people. In 1965, at the end of his life, Sir Andrew Fairley made a generous bequest to the Shepparton Art Gallery, as it was then known. Sir Andrew and Lady Fairley’s support for the gallery and ongoing acquisitions was pivotal to the new gallery’s future.  

Thanks to the support from many local people and those committed to presenting great art and culture in regional Victoria, the Collection has continued to grow and strengthen from its early beginnings in 1936.    

In 2015, Carrillo Gantner AC and Ziyin Ganter made an equally visionary offer: to donate their collection of Indigenous Australian Aboriginal Art to the Shepparton Art Museum. This generous donation shifts our understanding of the Collection, the way we can celebrate and share culture with our local Aboriginal community, and the stories we can all tell through visual art. This gift was also pivotal to the inception and subsequent construction of the new Shepparton Art Museum, a landmark new building in Shepparton, open to the public in October 2021.

Shepparton now has an iconic, destination building to welcome community, and engage and inspire audiences through arts and culture. It has been built through a shared vision and strong support of community and partners.

A bequest to SAM is a precious gift and a most generous way of making a lasting contribution to the art museum. Such a legacy will enable present and future generations to enjoy and be inspired through great art, and transformative experiences in a welcoming, accessible and exciting new contemporary art space in regional Victoria.

You can make a lasting contribution to SAM’s Collection and community programs through a bequest. A bequest to SAM enables you to make a contribution that you may not be able to, during your lifetime. By confirming your bequest now, SAM will be able to acknowledge you as a donor during your lifetime.

Bequeathing money

You can bequeath cash, a percentage of your estate, residuary gift or an interest in a trust created in the Will. All bequests are welcome, whatever the size, and there are no fees. Your bequest will be used solely to acquire works of art for SAM’s collection or for your nominated purpose. You are encouraged to seek professional legal or financial advice to assist arranging a bequest to SAM.

Bequeathing works of art

You can also include works of art in your bequest. SAM acquires works of art in line with a Collections Policy, which considers relevance to the existing collection, significance, condition and available storage space. To ensure your wishes for your bequest are made clear and can be carried out, SAM encourages open discussion prior to formalising your decision. Bequests may be made in memory or honour of family or friends and you may choose to remain anonymous.  SAM is unfortunately unable to accept all bequests of artworks to join the collection.

Wording of your bequest

To ensure that your wishes are enacted, please use this wording in your Will:

Gift of art:

  • Gift of art work: ‘I hereby transfer unconditional full legal and equitable title in the artwork (clearly describe the work) to Shepparton Art Museum Limited, Shepparton Victoria, for its use at its absolute discretion.’
  • Gift of cash or a proportion of your estate: ‘I give (dollar amount or the percentage  of my residuary estate) to the Shepparton Art Museum Limited, Shepparton Victoria, for the purpose of acquiring works of art.’
  • Gift to SAM Foundation: ‘I give (dollar amount or the percentage  of my residuary estate) to the Shepparton Art Museum Foundation, Shepparton, Victoria, for its use and benefit absolutely.’


Making a bequest to SAM while you are still living means that you can be acknowledged for such an act of generosity. SAM therefore asks that you also fill in a deed of gift pledge.

If you leave a bequest to SAM you will be acknowledged for all gifts of works of art, or acquisitions made with the support of a bequest, on the work’s display label and wherever the image of that work is reproduced, unless you wish to remain anonymous.

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