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SAM has been built on the generosity of many and we thank those who have contributed to building our beautiful museum.

SAM now needs your help to bring our museum to life by developing engaging programs for our visitors and community.

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SAM has Deductible Gift Recipient status. This means you can claim your donation to SAM as part of your annual tax rebate.

Building Capital Campaign Update

The SAM Foundation is thrilled to report that we have reached $7.4 million and exceeded our original $7 million target. We acknowledge the community's generous support for the landmark building known as new SAM. This iconic structure is home to the most significant collection of Australian ceramics in regional Australia, Indigenous artwork and attracts world-class exhibitions whilst providing a place of celebration for multicultural, Indigenous and diverse community groups. The new SAM will continue to be a powerhouse for change. It will accelerate community aspirations, enrich liveability, attract tourism and embrace high value art. Your support makes you part of the SAM story.