Anne-Marie May

Everything Joyful is Mobile, 2021

20 November 2021 - 13 November 2022

Anne-Marie May’s Everything Joyful is Mobile is a new site-responsive installation that transforms and enlivens SAM’s expansive interiors, and continues her ongoing exploration of the potential of differing materials and forms to transfigure our experience of the spaces we inhabit.


May’s brightly coloured objects, interwoven and suspended from nautical rope across SAM’s Atrium and Central Void spaces, are cast into a dynamic network of relationships that continually evolves throughout the day. The work draws attention to subtle optical and perceptual fluctuations, as light catches and bounces off acrylic planes, colours move and merge, and shadows expand and contract with the shifting daylight spilling in through the museum’s windows.

The objects within Everything Joyful is Mobile are conceived as three-dimensional drawings. Lines are etched onto flat translucent sheets which are then shaped and contorted into voluminous forms, defined by their inherent material properties. The laser cut line-work and organic perforations suggests astral configurations or earthly cartographies, and further complicate the lively interplay between the luminous objects and the space they occupy.

thermally formed acrylic

Courtesy of the artist

#Anne-Marie May

Location: Museum Atrium


Image: Anne-Marie May, Everything Joyful is Mobile, installation view, 2021, Shepparton Art Museum © the artist. Photo: Christian Capurro