4 June - 13 November 2022

LOVE YOUR MOTHER, 2022 is a collaborative wall work by Trent Walter and Lizzie Boon. The text is a three-word poem, and its multiple meanings invite a reflection on respect for people, place, and knowledge.

The idea for LOVE YOUR MOTHER grew out of a workshop staged as part of Walter’s ongoing participatory drawing and printmaking project From Australia: An Accumulation (2019-). Inspired by protest placards, the slogan ‘Love Your Mother’ was identified by Boon at a climate rally. This deceptively simple phrase is charged with potency and can be interpreted in myriad ways, invoking reflections on relationships with our natural world, matriarchs, the human need for tenderness.  With a view overlooking the rugged tree line surrounding Lake Victoria to the great Kaiela (Goulburn River), the work prompts us to reflect on our relationship to the natural world and all that it entails.

Artist bio

 Trent Walter is an artist, printer and publisher interested in the intersection of contemporary art and printed matter. He is also the founder and director of Negative Press. Lizzie Boon, is an archivist, writer and designer who engages with experimental writing and alternate publishing in myriad forms. The pair have collaborated on a number of print-based projects.

Curator: Shelley McSpedden, former Acting Artistic Director and Senior Curator