SAM Open 2023: HOME

29 April - 16 July 2023

SAM Open 2023 presents the work of local artists and creatives responding to the theme of Home through a variety of mediums and subjects. The home is one of, if not the most, impactful spaces people inhabit. Though private, it is inherently political, deeply psychological, and individual—each person’s home or idea of home is different.

Across the diverse artistic responses common subjects emerge; “home” is explored through domestic objects and spaces, nature, pets, and people. The range of perspectives represented creates opportunities for viewers to reflect on their impression of home, connecting them to ideas that resonate with or are alternative to their own experience of what ‘home’ is.

Presented annually in the Hugh D.T. Williamson Community Gallery, SAM Open celebrates and showcases the creativity of the artistic community across the Goulburn Valley and the Hume Regions. The opportunity brings increased awareness of local practitioners to audiences and presents their work in dialogue with exhibitions by nationally recognised Australian artists.

Artists: Anonymoos, Sakeena Akbari, Meredith Arnold, Mya Bathman, Fasiha Batool, Gregory Beckenham, Andrew Bond, Kody Bothwell, Eliza Brody, Christine Broersen,  Terry Butler, Alan Cartlidge, Teagan Chalker, Amanda Charquero, Val Clements, Bronwyn Cole, Ann Cremean, Wendy D’Amore (with help from Jolon D’Amore and Michael D’Amore), Kim Darma, Angelo D’Augello, Letizia D’Augello, Rachel Doller, Beverley Dowd, Olivia Evans-Smith, Rosalee Firth, Rebecca Fortin, Jeanette Fry, Soledad Galvan, Barbara Gray, Wenda Grant, Sue Graves, Kerry Handwerk, Christine Hartley, Tessa Hayward, John Head, Tom Hekke, Raymond Hill, Amanda Hocking, Emma Hofmeyer, Wendy Hogben, Maddison Hunt, Lana Ingram, Wendy Jagger, David Kerr, Lois Krake, Jan Laidlaw, John Lawler, Marion Langford, Diane Langton, Jodi Lewis, Kate Liebe, Phyllis Mactier, Peta Manning, Elizabeth Masters, Anne Mawson, Matthew McConnell, Lesley McLellan, Julie Mercer, Christine Morrison, Joan Mullarvey, Dianne Nally, Steven Nash, Patricia Niglia, Michael O’Hanlon, Kat Parker, Mathilda Paul, Luka Rhoderick, Jill Riordan, Judith Roberts, Carmel Robertson, Fan Roarheart, Val Rokahr, Lucia Rossi, Kate Ryan, Garry Salau, Penny Silver, Katherine Smith, Shaniah Surace, John Teague, Christine Upton, Megan Walker, Daniel Wein, Anna White, Beverley Williams, Kerry Williams, Vicki Woodhouse, Ruby Wyatt-Carter, Jenny Younger

Featured image: Katherine Smith, Awake, 2023. Image courtesy of the artist

Curator: Caroline Esbenshade, Curator - Community

Location: Hugh D.T Williamson Community Gallery, Level 2