SAM Shop: Mother’s Day selection

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and our beautiful range of artist-designed, handmade goods has something for every type of mum. ⁠

Whether your mum is a green-thumb mum, an arty mum, a culinary mum, or a stylish mum – a special gift from SAM is a perfect way to help you say thanks for all she does.⁠

Visit our friendly staff at the SAM Shop today to get mum the gift she deserves. The SAM Shop is open 6 days (closed Tuesdays) - 10am-4pm weekdays, 10am-5pm weekends.

We are currently rebuilding our SAM Shop online store - in the meantime, you can find a round-up of our picks for Mother's Day gifts below. Happy browsing!

Julie Dowling Archival Print, Nana Everlasting, $29.95 each (limited edition)

Waymbul Studios, Kubu Incense Holder, $35.00

Waymbul Studios, Vase, $340.00


Honeypot Pottery, Pair of Love Hearts (blue), $10.00

Honeypot Pottery, Pair of Love Hearts (pink), $11.65

Sam Jinks Archival Print, Woman & Child, $29.95 each (limited edition)

Dominika Yindi, Teapot with Heart, $150.00 each

Clay: Contemporary Ceramic Artists, $60.00

Katherine Wheeler, Pendant Necklace, $60.00

Kaye Poulton, Vase, $100.00


Outfront Creations, Garden Gloves, $25.00 each

Honeypot Pottery, Planter, $25.00

Sow n Sow, Flower Press, $59.95

The Final Piece Puzzles, Native Bunch & Wild Proteas, $59.00 each

Ayesha Aggarwal, Interiors Plate, $150.00 each

Ayesha Aggarwal, Interiors Flask Vase, $250.00 each

Sarah Murray Ceramics, Hoop Earrings Large Cross, $50.00

Mae Artistry, Hey Gorgeous Bowl, $50.00

Valerie Clements, Lime Highlights Scarf, $170.00

Each item is uniquely handmade

Olivia Kathigitis, Hand Earrings

  • Brass $50.00 each
  • Silver $91.65 each

(Hand display not for sale)

Tantri Mustika Relic Vase XS $210.00

Tantri Mustika Relic Vase Large $390.00

Each relic vase is uniquely handmade


Honeypot Pottery, Angel Sculptures, assorted shapes & sizes

$15.00 each

Each angel sculpture is uniquely handmade

Nadine Sawyer Harvest Angel Greeting Card $6.00 each

Nadine Sawyer Pink Jug $95.00

Clarice Beckett Greeting Card

Everlastings $6.95 each

Kerry Handwerk Greeting Card

White Rose $6.95 each

Kerry Handwerk Greeting Card

Two Roses $6.95 each

Margaret Preston Greeting Card

Cinerarias $6.95 each

Margaret Preston Greeting Card

Pink Jug $6.95 each

Earth Greetings Card Flower Chain $6.50 each

(More designs available in store)

Grace Cossington Smith Greeting Card

Lily growing in a field by the sea $6.95 each

Grace Cossington Smith Greeting Card

Waratah $6.95 each

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