Furphy – the Water Cart and the Word

Andrew Furphy will speak on his book Furphy: The Water Cart and the Word at the third lecture in the ‘Let’s Talk Art’ lecture series.

For many years the Furphy water cart has come to symbolise a rural past of simple moral values and individual enterprise. In particular, the idiosyncratic inscriptions on the cast ends have become an object of ever increasing interest.

Mr Furphy will discuss in detail the history and development of the water cart, its uses and some of the more unusual stories that have come to light in his research. In particular his talk will address the role the water cart played in the emergence of ‘Furphy’ as a celebrated part of Australian vernacular.

The lecture coincides with an exhibition about the Furphy water cart which includes an original restored water cart and a near complete set of cart ends mapping their various vernacular changes through 90 years of production. This exhibition continues until 4 December.

The lecture will be held at the Shepparton Art Gallery from 6.30 – 7.30pm on Tuesday 25 October. Entry is by gold coin donation.