FE Cox: An Enigmatic Potter

On display at the Shepparton Art Gallery is a stunning exhibition which has been curated by Greg Hill called, “FE Cox – An Enigmatic Potter (1871-1955).”

The exhibition shows the work of FE Cox (Frederick Ernest Cox) whose work was produced under the trade name of Jolliff, his mother’s maiden name.

Cox’s manufacturing techniques of hand building and the use of stoneware firing aligned with his distinctive designs leads to a very memorable range of pottery.

The exhibition presents a body of new research on this extraordinary potter whose influence on our early art potters is only now coming to light.

He was a talented water colourist, starting as early as 1912 and taking this medium far beyond amateur competence.

An aspect of Cox that is particularly fascinating was that he came to pottery aged sixty, which meant he was nearing retirement and probably looking for new artistic direction. 

A comprehensive catalogue accompanies the exhibition and it is available for purchase from the gallery for $12.00.

The exhibition will continue until Sunday 21 January.

For more information, contact the Shepparton Art Gallery on (03) 5832 9861. The Art Gallery is located at the Eastbank Centre, Welsford Street Shepparton.


– Released 4 January