Creative Art and Design at SAM this Easter

Over the Easter school holidays, a variety of drawing and applied design art workshops for all ages are taking place at Shepparton Art Museum (SAM). Inspired by the current major exhibition, Dream Machines: Drawings of the Great American Automobile from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, workshops aim to generate new ideas and approaches to art-making.


‘We encourage children and adults who might have a special interest in drawing or graphics to learn from professional artists and tutors,’ SAM’s Visual Arts Educator Rhonda Chrisanthou said. ‘Several workshops are planned for young teens and adults who might be thinking about a career in art or design. SAM is also working in partnership with Monash University’s Design and Architecture Studio to provide some exceptional workshops in drawing and clay modelling. As a bonus, workshop participants will view SAM’s Dream Machines exhibition for free. Book in early to avoid disappointment!’

Dream Design: Draw Your ‘Dream Car’ with an Expert

When: Tuesday 7 April, 10.30am to 12.30pm & 2 to 4pm (two separate workshops)

Age: Year 9 to 12 students and adults

Cost: $15 (Friends of SAM $13)

Design and draw your dream car with the help of the team from Monash University Automotive Clay Studio in the SAM workshop room. Paper, markers, and other materials will be used to show form, shading, texture, colour and how to make a convincing “concept proposal” page layout.


Exquisite Machine: Collage Workshop for Kids

When: Wednesday 8 April, 10 to 11.30am

Age: 6 to 10 year-olds

Cost: $12 (Friends of SAM $10)

What type of vehicle would you like to drive in the future? Participants will design their own futuristic car using different collage images and textures mounted on paper.


Clean Machine: Mixed Media Workshop for Kids

When: Wednesday 8 April, 1.30 to 3pm

Age: 6 to 10 year-olds

Cost: $12 (Friends of SAM $10)

Create your own original model of a Dream Machine using recyclable and everyday materials while learning about green energy vehicles.


Drawing 3D Objects: Drawing and Applied Learning

When: Thursday 9 April, 10 to 11.30am

Age: 10 to 14 year-olds

Cost: $16 (Friends of SAM $13)

Learn skills in drawing the illusion of 3D objects by using tone and textural effects in pencil and water-colour.


Design Concept drawing: Advanced Perspective Drawing and Rendering

When: Thursday 9 April, 1 to 4pm

Age: 14 to 18 year-olds

Cost: $35 (Friends of SAM $30)

Participants will design their own ‘dream machine’ using rendering techniques to produce artwork in one or two point perspective. This workshop is an excellent opportunity for boosting drawing skills for compiling visual art and design diaries and folios.


Retro Dream Machine: Lino-Printmaking Workshop

When: Friday 10 & Saturday 11 April, 10am to 3.30pm

Age: Adults

Cost: $100 (Friends of SAM $90)

Inspired by concept drawings of artworks from the Dream Machines exhibition, well-known local printmaker Fleur Rendell will instruct participants in methods and techniques used to produce successful retro, multi-colour, linocut prints. Bring a favourite object for drawing or photo to draw upon and an art apron or smock. All printmaking materials and equipment will be supplied.


Dream Machines in 3D: Design and Make Your Own Clay Car

When: Friday 10 April, time to be confirmed on booking

Where: Monash University, Caulfield

Age: Year 9 to 12 students and adults

Cost: $25 (Friends of SAM $20)

Get on a bus for a trip to the Monash University Art Design & Architecture Clay Studio! This is a great opportunity to experience hands-on clay modelling as used in the automotive industry. Participants will enjoy working in a specialised design clay studio to experience and learn about armature preparation, roughing in of surfaces, fine tuning, and adding tape-lines for form detail visualisation. Bus fare included in cost.

Rainbow Kids: Art for Small Hands

When: Tuesday 14 April to Tuesday 19 May (six-week program), 10.30am to noon

Age: 3 to 5 year-olds and one parent/guardian

Cost: $35 (Friends of SAM $30)

Designed to enhance and build relationships between one adult and one child, this program shows parents how to provide low-cost, accessible art-making experiences which can be repeated at home with their children. Morning tea is provided at each session and children are given a bag of goodies to take home at the end of the program.

To book into any of the above workshops, phone SAM on (03) 5832 9861 or visit the SAM shop. For further information and to see what else is coming up at SAM, visit

Alongside this popular holiday program, the exhibition design of Dream Machines: Drawings of the Great American Automobile integrates SAM Play. SAM Play provides two thematic spaces that revolve around drawing activities developed by Drawing Wall artist Lee Ward. Space City and Mid-century Americana are inspired by the design, social and technological influences of the 1950s, 60s and early 70s. The activities will fuel your child’s imagination, enabling them to learn, play and respond to the artworks.

Shepparton Art Museum is proudly provided by Greater Shepparton City Council, located at 70 Welsford Street, Shepparton. For general SAM enquiries and bookings please contact: (03) 5832 9861, email, or visit for more information.